Welcome to the parlor! This blog site is where I post articles and links to my YouTube videos covering the topics of of Simplicity, Homemaking, and Vintage Gothic Lifestyle.

I’m also a composer of music, digital artist, and homemaker, living in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my husband Sage and two children.


You can find additional articles I have written on HubPages. I have also worked as a freelance writer covering a variety of subjects.


I compose and record symphonic concept albums, the tracks are made available for licensing use in games, TV, and film. The Illusionist’s Manor, a classical spooky theme is currently in the works. Tales Of Silicon Valley, second album release, was made available in 2013, and is an instrumental concept album inspired by computer pioneers and my personal work experience at a software start-up company. Debut album Journey To The High King was released Fall 2008, has a composite sound of film score and new age, and features the song “March of the Hobbit”, which was originally written for the 2006 One Ring Celebration music video contest in Pasadena, CA, becoming one of the year’s winners.

Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, and Photographer

Using photography and Photoshop I have created original digital art pieces and provided graphic art services. Many of my photos appear in my articles.

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