My Top Creative Business and Simple Homemaking Goals-January 2016

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January 2016 Top 10 Goals: 
Top 5 Creative Business Goals:
*Record 1 new song for my 3rd album, The Illusionist of the Manor
*Create 1-3 YouTube videos per week.
*Write 1-3 HubPages articles this month. 
*Do art for 10 minutes each night. 
*Make one new digital art piece or do a digital art project. 

Top 5 Simple Homemaking Goals: 
*When following morning routine, include cleaning bathrooms. 
*When following evening routine, include washing sink and sweeping floors. 
*Do weekly cleaning routine which includes moping floors and dusting. 
*Participate in How Jen Does it daily cleaning challenges. Post images to Ingram for accountability.
*Make one new festive recipe found on Pinterest every 2 weeks.