Minimalist Wardrobe Tips-My Vintage Style Journey

2018-08-08-Minimalist Wardrobe

As a minimalist I’ve noted the benefits of Courtney’s Project 333 plan. Only having 33 clothing and accessory items accessible in your closet, which you are able to change each season. This does not include undergarments, sleepwear or workout clothes. Yet it is advisable to keep those minimized as well. I myself have a year-round wardrobe so I allow for a few more pieces.

My color scheme is 80 percent Black with Brown, Taupe, Wine and Red. I also focus on the Romantic Antique Victorian or Romantic Antique Gothic look. Having a specific style and color scheme will serve wonders when simplifying. Also buy high quality pieces when possible. In my video I also talk about how I used to wear jeans and wore the entire color spectrum. I’m happy that I have a more specialized vintage style now. Here is a link to Project 333: