Bring the Cozy Lifestyle of Hygge Into Your Day

2017-03-10c The Cozy Hygge Lifestyle

*You can also watch my YouTube Video: The Cozy Lifestyle of Hygge

Images and post by Rain San Martin

Hygge means coziness. It was one of the big trends for 2017 on Pinterest. This way of life naturally combats seasonal affective disorder. Hygge is a big part of life for the Danish people. Because they spend so much time indoors during the winter season they need to make their interiors as welcoming and joyful as possible. This is how they have adapted to the colder climate. Though it is primarily a way of life for the winter, the same philosophy can be used during the spring and summer! Those who practice the minimalist lifestyle will find it is also compatible with the simplicity movement.

Make relaxation stations.

I have three areas that I have set up for when I would like to enjoy comfort: The kitchenette, living room and bedroom. The first is the kitchenette which has a homey vintage style coffee sign. This has a view of the sunrise, making it a great spot for coffee or breakfast. For the living room, we own an antique heirloom rocking chair. This is seated next to a wooden table with magazines tucked away in the drawer. There is a view of the mantel which is perfect for placing glowing candles.

I bring that feeling of “hygge” into the bedroom by having a sturdy back pillow cushion and extra blankets accessible in the closet. White string lights hang above the bed which makes a soft enveloping glow for reading. 100% pure essential oils are grouped together in a tray next to the bed.

Have warm beverages available like hot chocolate, tea, and coffee.

I keep extra tins of Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Chocolate available. Along with a couple of bags of marshmallows for when the mood strikes. For coffee, I stock up on bags of Seattle’s Best Coffee (a subsidiary of Starbucks). My favorite blend is Medium Dark Rich – Level 4. There is no better tasting coffee in my opinion and the price is very good.

2017-01-06 Hot Chocolate Marshmellows

Have cozy robes and socks.

I got a plush robe last Christmas which I love. If you have young children or a spouse they will enjoy snuggling up with you and your robe. My young son hopes to get one as well! Then we can burrow together like a couple of hamsters. In the spring and summer, you could try a cool satin robe for comfort.

Decorate with natural elements.

When we bought our home eight years ago, we were blessed to see it furnished with wooden floors and cabinetry. Rugs give added warmth. I have a carved wooden bowl which is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a prepared meal. A wooden table set creates a homey rustic feel. Iron pans and copper cookware are also timeless.


Hope you enjoy bringing the coziness of Hygge into your everyday life!

Decluttering Girls Closet


Join me on YouTube as I declutter my daughters closet. Sure we want our children to clean up as much of their own bedrooms as possible, yet occasionally jumping in and doing a clean sweep will make it that much easier to maintain. The rooms of our children not only impact them, the whole family can’t help but feel relaxed as they walk past a clean room!

Though my original plan was to spend only 1 and a half hours on the project,¬† the process ended up taking a total of 3 hours to fully complete. This would be about 2 weeks worth of “Flylady” style decluttering, averaging about 15 minutes per day.

I achieved the following tasks  when decluttering the closet:

*Hung clothes that fell on the floor.

*Folded jeans and shorts.

*Tossed out trash or anything broken.

*Placed unused items in good condition in a box for giveaway.

*Grouped books and art supplies on shelves.

Now it’s your turn to declutter a closet in your home!