Unplug from the Matrix and Take a Digital Detox!

Unplug from the Matrix!

You no longer have to accept that those around you, including yourself are fated to live life with eyes glued to ones smartphone. Begin a revolution today and bust out of the matrix! My article: Unplug from the Matrix and Take a Digital Detox! Find Freedom, Boost Your Intelligence and Reconnect with Loved Ones will get you started on this journey of technological simplicity.  Once you’ve learned how to do a digital detox on your day off (think summer camp out in a log cabin), you’ll discover it’s far easier to reduce your consumption of TV, video games, social media, web surfing and even podcasts. Another side benefit is you will naturally increase your intelligence and creativity as you focus on one activity at a time, practice immersive reading, develop penmanship, daydream and learn to listen to the natural sounds around you. Sometimes to go forward is to go back. Back to the simplicity of the past.