Halloween Haul 2018-Gothic Vintage Style

2018-09-15 Halloween Haul

Join me for this fun Halloween Haul on YouTube. I held on to my Michaels gift card to pick out a couple of classy year-round Gothic Halloween decorations. A sculpture of a raven on a branch, and a couple of bouquets of wine and black roses. Before shopping husband Sage and I first stopped at Barnes and Nobles for Maple Pecan and Pumpkin Spice Lattes to get us into the “Autumn Vibes.”

Here’s is the complete list from this years Halloween Haul:

*Vintage Style Halloween Apron – from Etsy
*Wine and pumpkin colored pillows – (JCPenney)
*Raven sculpture and silk wine and black roses. (Michaels)
*Spooky vintage Victorian frames. (Amazon) Here’s an affiliate link to a nearly identical item by the same manufacturer. https://amzn.to/2xdmi8P
*Vintage Style Pumpkin bag clips. (Target)

Here are a few photo’s from the trip to Michaels:

2018-09-08 Sage likes-Michaels 2

2018-09-08 Michaels Rain 3

2018-09-08 Sage likes-Michaels b

Have a whimsical week!


What is a Homemaker?

2018-09-07 Homemaker

Post, photo and video-audio podcast by Rain San Martin

A homemaker is a productive “Keeper of the Home”. She creates a more beautiful life for the family. Handling the domestic tasks such as paperwork, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, decluttering, house management, lawn care, home décor, possibly child care and so much more. This frees the husband to fully relax when he is done with his work for the day, it also enables him to be a more effective provider. It is “unpaid” work, yet makes for a peaceful household for all, as long as the woman is self motivated, frugal, wise, and works hard.

“Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.” (Titus 2, 3-5- New American Standard Bible)

You may read my full article “What is a Homemaker?” here: https://hubpages.com/family/What-Does…

This is an affiliate link to the tea cup used in my YouTube photo thumb nail. They are a beautiful vintage style porcelain tea set.

Have a productive, creative and fun week!


My Evening Routine 2018

2018-08-30b Evening Routine

Post, image and video by Rain San Martin

*Homemaking hour: 15 min. each of decluttering, deep cleaning and paper work. Of course a tremendous more homemaking work is done each week. This is simply a detailed focus. (Note: Currently I do this just before the evening routine, in the late afternoon).
*Final straightening of house.
*Review calendar and key tasks for next day.
Here’s the heart warming calendar I use each year:
John Sloane’s Country Seasons
https://amzn.to/2PVWGVZ (affiliate link)
*Set out clothes for next day.
*Sponge bath. Wash face and brush teeth.
*Work out with weights while watching Downton Abbey.
If you enjoy Downtown Abbey, you will adore this beautiful book:
Downton Abbey – A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons
https://amzn.to/2wxqWhF (affiliate link)
*Lights out 8:45am. (Most nights of the week.)

How to Give Halloween Cards On Any Occasion

2018-08-28 Halloween Cards Any Time

*Post and video by Rain San Martin

To me there is no time like Halloween to pick up the most fun, elegant, mysterious or cute card designs. Sparkles, spooky houses, owls and pumpkins in my favorite autumnal color pallet, make me smile. Once the stores are stocked with whimsical Halloween cards, I’ve begun my tradition of picking up a few to use for other occasions.

How do I do this? The key is to pick out a card with a cover that is not too “Halloweenie”. I simply buy Halloween stickers and matching construction paper to cover up the word “Halloween” (if written on the inside) which I replace with the occasion of choice, such as a birthday. I also have the benefit of looking forward to the time when I can give this wonderful card to it’s recipient. Of course I have to know in advance that the person would be happy with such a card.

The cards shown in my video are made by American Greetings. Here are a couple of affiliate link ideas to get you started:

Spooky Owl Card


Cute Bat Stickers



Minimalist Kitchen

2018-08-24-Minimalist Kitchen.png

You can watch my video on this topic here on YouTube. My channel name is Rain San Martin, I post weekly video’s.

In our minimalist kitchen we use only the most essential kitchen tools. Here are our staples:

*wood cutting board
*chefs knife
*wooden spoon
*2 stainless steel pots
*tea kettle
*french press for coffee
*iron skillet
*several glass trays for the oven
*metal measuring spoons and cups
*wire whisk
*can opener with wooden handle
*wooden mixing bowl, glass mixing bowl

I no longer use:
*electric mixer
*I rarely use the microwave.
*I never owned a food process by choice.

Here are a few minimalist kitchen items we use in our home. These are also affiliate links:

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Iron Skillet

Ritual French Coffee Press, Bamboo Wood

*Paula Deen Steel Teakettle, Red

Minimalist Wardrobe Tips-My Vintage Style Journey

2018-08-08-Minimalist Wardrobe

As a minimalist I’ve noted the benefits of Courtney’s Project 333 plan. Only having 33 clothing and accessory items accessible in your closet, which you are able to change each season. This does not include undergarments, sleepwear or workout clothes. Yet it is advisable to keep those minimized as well. I myself have a year-round wardrobe so I allow for a few more pieces.

My color scheme is 80 percent Black with Brown, Taupe, Wine and Red. I also focus on the Romantic Antique Victorian or Romantic Antique Gothic look. Having a specific style and color scheme will serve wonders when simplifying. Also buy high quality pieces when possible. In my video I also talk about how I used to wear jeans and wore the entire color spectrum. I’m happy that I have a more specialized vintage style now. Here is a link to Project 333: https://bemorewithless.com/project-333/

My Morning Routine 2018


2018-07-16 Morning Routine

My basic morning routine (see YouTube video here):

Wake: 4:45am to 5:45am (Most days of the week)
*Get ready for day. Set hair with wet pin curls.
*Review calendar and key tasks.
*Enjoy coffee while reading blogs. -20 minutes
*Apply Makeup -complete process. May have YouTube videos on in background.
*Clean sinks and toilets of bathrooms.

Creative Business Hour: Done at the start of each day.
(3 solid 15 minute hourglass turns. Time cushion added.)
-15 minutes of article writing.
-15 minutes composing music.
-15 minutes digital art.

Here are links to the Tea Kettle, French Press and Hour Glass I use as a part of my Morning Routine. These affiliate links help to support this site.

*Paula Deen Steel Teakettle, Red

*Ritual French Coffee Press, Bamboo Wood

*Lily’s Home Hourglass-15 Minute Cherry Wood